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One of the institution a child joins as soon as he or she reaches early childhood is school.  This a foundation for the child to grow and become a 'model individual'


Primary School

We nurture with care and knowledge of the academics. Teaching them with visual, auditory and kinesthetic aids to increase their cognition and IQ.

Little Boy with Crayons

Middle School

This schooling consists of students who are prepubescent or have attained puberty; the time frame for confidence, identity crisis and development are prominent.

Students Raising Hands In Classroom

High School

The time frame where they turn teens and become adolescents, we coach them with life skills and academic to become individuals.

School Girl

Student Counselling

Even children face stress, ups and downs in their emotions and they’re also becoming victims of emotional distress.

Parent Counselling

Our school counselors have initiated a program for parents. To counsel them to be responsible parents and individuals.


Music Academy

Music, A universal language which connects the people across seven seas. Music is a gift which pleases the ears and lifts the hearts with joy.

Music Instrument
Dance Event

Dance Academy

Sharon School provisions the joy of dancing with our course in Dance Academy

English Japanese Dictionary

Spoken English

English is a necessity for communication. This is the reason it is stressed from schooling.


Every day after school many children pack their bags and attend tuitions conducted by neighborhood teachers or people.

But here you don’t have go anywhere! In Sharon School campus we provide tuitions for children from grade 1-10 with our well trained teachers who will coach them to be productive in their regular academics.

For Whom - All the children

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