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Sharon School is dedicated to uplifting economically disadvantaged families and their children, fostering comprehensive development to cultivate future global leaders. Since 1994, it has served communities like Kalanagar, Kathanagar, Siddharathnagar, and Kammagondanahalli in Jalahalli West, formerly classified as slums. Residents, primarily engaged in blue-collar jobs, face challenges including alcoholism, debt, and health issues due to lack of financial literacy. Women, often married young and lacking education, shoulder immense family responsibilities and suffer from health issues due to inadequate care. Children, lacking parental supervision, are vulnerable to negative influences and lack motivation and guidance, relying on media for inspiration.

Sharon School recognizes these struggles and has established programs to support these families. By providing education for children and skill-building opportunities for parents, the school aims to empower individuals and break the cycle of poverty. Through mentorship and academic support, children are encouraged to discover their potential and pursue their dreams. By addressing the root causes of poverty and providing holistic support, Sharon School strives to create a brighter future for these communities.



Heart 2 Heart

A scholarship program where generous individuals or institutions or societies fund a term or full-term academic fees for underprivileged Children & Families


Parental Counselling

We organize two counseling session every academic year with experts to create awareness among the parents about their children, to identify their needs and also parenting styles.

Students Raising Hands In Classroom

Etiquette Class

Every day classes for conducted for students to learn their ethical behavior through interactive session such as role play, modeling, discussion, case history and so on.

School Girl

Remedial Class

We offer one on one care for students to improve their academic skills. Personal attention is given to students with special needs.

Student Counselling

A cell dedicated to make students to cope up with their emotional and mental stress. Every child is assessed by their teachers and experts to know the lag and growth of the students.


Career Guidance

Every graduating students are counseled to identify their interest, potentials and given proper guidance to opt the best career path.

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