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This Enrolment Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions listed below. 

1.    Upon acceptance of this Enrolment Agreement by The Sharon School, I shall be legally obligated to pay the Summer Tuition and all Additional Charges, not withstanding subsequent absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the Student from the Summer at Sharon Leadership Programme.

2.    Applications for enrolment on the Summer School programme can be made by emailing the application form or sending it in hard copy. The Sharon School may, at its sole discretion, accept or reject such an application and notify the participant by email accordingly.

3.    Admission decisions are made by The Sharon School’s Summer at Sharon Office in accordance with published Summer School admissions criteria and subject to availability. If information provided by the participant is found to be untruthful, the Summer School Office reserves the right to reject an application or withdraw the acceptance of such application. All admission decisions are final. The payment of any sum to The Sharon School on behalf of the participant does not oblige the The Sharon School to accept an application for enrolment.

4.    Unless otherwise indicated, Summer at Sharon will be taught in English. Applicants whose first language is not English are required to be proficient in written and spoken English and be able to participate in group discussions and presentations in English. The school does not accept liability for any inconvenience or failure to attend following a participant’s lack of English language knowledge.

5.    The Sharon School believes that a positive and constructive working relationship between the School and a student’s parent(s) (or guardian) is essential to the fulfillment of the School’s mission with regard to the Summer at Sharon Leadership Programme. Thus, The Sharon School reserves the right to terminate enrollment if the School concludes in its sole judgment that the actions of a parent (or guardian) make such a positive and constructive relationship impossible or otherwise seriously interfere with the School’s accomplishment of its educational purpose, i.e., the successful implementation of The Sharon School’s Summer at Sharon Leadership Programme.

6.    All parents are politely requested to note that attendance at the Summer at Sharon Leadership Programme does not in any way have any effect on any family member who has been registered to sit the entrance examination for entry to The Sharon School as a pupil.

7.    The Sharon School has the right to suspend or terminate the enrolment of a student at any time. Such a suspension or termination may result where: (i) a student fails to abide by the rules and regulations of The Sharon School Leadership Programme; (ii) The Sharon School determines that a student’s conduct or performance demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to be productive within The Sharon School Leadership Programme community; or (iii) The Sharon School determines that the continued attendance of a student in The Sharon School’s Summer at Sharon Leadership Programme is not in the best interest of the student or The Sharon School.



  1. The fees payable by participants in respect of the Summer School programme are Rs. 145,000. The participant is liable to the School for the Tuition Fees. Full payment of Tuition Fees allows applicants to participate in the Summer School programme.

  2. The Sharon School accepts payment from participants by MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing, JCB, Solo, Switch and via bank transfer. Payments can be made online or through a credit/debit card terminal. Individuals paying via bank transfer must notify The Sharon School of the payment and need to return a signed declaration form. The Sharon School accepts payment from companies and organisations following an invoice from the school, via bank transfer or a cheque made payable to The Sharon School.

  3. All payments of Tuition Fees must be made in rupees. They are inclusive of VAT and other taxes where applicable. Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in connection with the payment of Tuition Fees are to be paid in addition to the Tuition Fees. No deduction from the Tuition Fees for such costs or charges may be made.

  4. Summer at Sharon Tuition Fees are payable in advance and are billed in one installment.

  5. All invoices shall be payable within 30 days. The Sharon School may, in its sole discretion, bar the student from the Summer at Sharon and premises of The Sharon School if the full installment of the Summer at Sharon Tuition is not received by 30th April 2019. Such action on the part of The Sharon School will not release me from the obligation to pay all amounts due under this Agreement.

  6. I agree to pay any and all costs, including lawyer’s/attorneys’ fees, incurred by The Sharon School as a result of the non-payment of the Summer at Sharon Tuition or any Additional Charges incidental to the Student’s enrolment at The Sharon School’s Summer at Sharon Leadership Programme.


1.    Modules within the Summer School programme have minimum required attendance levels and The Sharon School reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course if too few enrolments are received or due to circumstances beyond the school’s control.
2.    Tuition Fees do not include the cost of travel to and from The Sharon School, insurance or other costs that might arise prior to or during the course tenure.
3.    The participant will be solely responsible for determining whether the Summer School programme is sufficient and suitable for their needs. The School does not provide any guarantee in respect of the standard of a participant’s abilities on completion of the Summer School programme. The participant will provide the school with all information reasonably requested by the School in connection with the Summer School Programme.
4.    The school reserves the right to remove the participant from the course or exclude a participant from The Sharon School’s premises if the behaviour or demeanour of the participant is considered unacceptable. The participant agrees to comply with all applicable policies and regulations of the School.



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