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Building eternal values in every child for global impact


S – Spiritual life  

H – Healthy Physique 

A – Academic excellence  

R – Relationships 

O – Occupation 

N – Noble  


Elementary Students


Since the time of its establishment Sharon School is concerned about the lives of young children. Our school aspires to build the lives of the child to the global standards. Educating them with academics, stressing and training them in English language, coaching them in life skills and develop their skills to construct their career paths; we strive to achieve our vision.

An institution which looks into the lives of the children, their interests, talents, potentials and building to be proficient in every field of life. We concentrate on the mental and physical wellbeing of the students, staff, teachers and parents.

Our dedicated management, teachers and staff are pioneers in Educating, aiding students to goal setting and directing behavior. We let the children explore and learn, our experiential teaching empowers them to learn effectively.

What we learn becomes a part of who we are.

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