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Sharon School is an expert in coaching and mentoring the adolescents in academic excellence. We educate them with knowledge to be employable and responsible citizen. We also help them utilize his or her education, skills and talents to initiate beneficial change in the society.

We train the young minds to be the leaders in their own stand hold with boost of confidence with our regular academics.

The time frame where they turn teens and become adolescents, we coach them with life skills and academic to become individuals. These students are distracted, confused as they are make to decisions for life such as opting for core subjects for career, have to inculcate greater knowledge and have to explore their interest. They are the victims of low confidence or over confidence. Many are becoming prey to addiction and scoring poor in academics.

Our School has come up with various programs to make them to concentrate on their academics, with constant encouragement and enthusiasm we train them to choose the career based on their interest and coach them to improve skills. We counsel them to walk in the path of success by setting goals. After school hours coaching are conducted for students with less understanding and are slow to process the knowledge 

The Subjects Covered Are - 

  • English

  • English Grammar

  • Kannada

  • Hindi

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Moral Values

  • Creative art

  • Craft

  • Painting & Drawing

  • Music

  • Cultural arts- Dance

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