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Provisions of quality education for students from their beginning of their academics. Our teachers equip each child with quality education, we create an environment for learning.

Classroom based academics is exercised with full efficiency. We create a platform for these students to explore, implore and learn in the way which they’re comfortable. We aspire to empower the creativity, knowledge and talents of these students.

One of the institution a child joins as soon as he or she reaches early childhood is school.  This a foundation for the child to grow and become a 'model individual'.  We nurture with care and knowledge of the academics. Teaching them with visual, auditory and kinesthetic aids to increase their cognition and IQ.

After school hours coaching are conducted for students with less understanding and are slow to process the knowledge.

The Subjects Covered Are -

  • English

  • English Grammar

  • Kannada

  • Hindi

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Moral Values

  • Creative art

  • Craft

  • Painting & Drawing

  • Music

  • Cultural arts- Dance

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