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Running Students



Pre-pubescent and puberty are common age group in this schooling. These students are going through changes in them. This takes a toll on them, most of them are unable to concentrate in academics and slip into identity crisis.

But our trained teachers pay close attention to them and direct them to stay on the path of academics. We aid the students to get off the identity crisis and fill them with confidence especially in girls.

The growing children undergo bodily changes. This schooling consists of students who are prepubescent or have attained puberty; the time frame for confidence, identity crisis and development are prominent. This affects their academics, withdraw from parents and focuses more on friends. We train the students to stay focused on academics and maintain a balance approach in relationships. After school hours coaching are conducted for students with less understanding and are slow to process the knowledge 

The Subjects Covered Are -

  1. English

  2. English Grammar

  3. Kannada

  4. Hindi

  5. Mathematics

  6. Science

  7. Social Studies

  8. Moral Values

  9. Creative art

  10. Craft

  11. Painting & Drawing

  12. Music

  13. Cultural arts- Dance

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