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Welcome to Sharon

English High School

What we learn becomes a part of who we are.



Academic year 2022-2023

We provide them with academic excellence and set them crave their paths for successful career. We enrich them to learn with variety of experiential methods of teaching (visual, auditory and kinesthetic)


We are pioneers in Primary, Middle and High school Academic Education. Our experiential teaching methodology will stimulate the eagerness of the students to learn more values, knowledge and skills. Our Institution looks into each child’s life, their likes and dislikes, skills and talents, emotions, the hidden and unhidden potentials. We strive to build them to be healthy individuals who envision future and construct a better society for the generations to come



  • Prayer Week
    Month of September & October 2022
    Sharon English High School
    Month of September & October 2022
    Sharon English High School
    The best way to give thanks is to offer prayers. During this week the management, teachers, students and staff pray for those people, things, and facilities that they had. They also pray for the needs and people who are in need.
  • Sports Day
    Month of August 2022
    Sharon English High School
    Month of August 2022
    Sharon English High School
    Healthy mind and healthy body! To let the vigorous souls leap and run to portray their talents in sports. All the children and parents to participate according to their ability and boost the spirit of joy in all the hearts.
  • Exhibition
    Month of November 2022
    Sharon English High School
    Month of November 2022
    Sharon English High School
    To display the students’ handiwork for people. Show their creativity, knowledge and educate the people who walk through our door.


  • We understand the NEED OF EDUCATION like no one else does

  • Provide QUALITY EDUCATION for every child irrespective of their economic and social backgrounds

  • We offer the best education in a reasonable price in comparison to the other educational institutions.

  • Aid in HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT of the child – Cognition, Spiritual, Moral, Relationships and personality

  • Scholarship for deserving students

  • Initiator to eradicate economic and social barrier among the society through education

  • Understand and discern every child’s need and wants

  • Enable and empower the child set life goals and direct them toward the future of betterment





  • The child receives quality education

  • Becomes proficient in his skills and talents

  • The child develops new skills in areas of creativity, decision making, values and system and communication

  • The child is embedded with knowledge which he apply use throughout his life

  • A holistic development in the child

  • Agenda and goal setting behaviors are developed in the children

  • Children are directed toward achieving their life goals



We use spiritual principles to govern our institution. One of the important result of this measure is that the members of our institution have personality development. Each of the persona is not look down by others. Here are some of the benefits of this rule in the lives of the children.

  • Children can discern what is right and wrong

  • Enable them to make the right choice for life

  • They don’t become addicts to substance or any endangering elements

  • They grow to be responsible and upright citizens of the nation

  • The child will develop the act of philanthropy and aid the society

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