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Music Instrument

“Music reaches the soul more than words”

Music a wonderful language any individual can learn.  A universal language which connects the people across seven seas. Music is a gift which pleases the ears and lifts the hearts with joy.

Sharon School’s Music Academy offers to teach the following Instruments - 

  • Guitar

  • Keyboard

  • Drums



Music Instrument

“Every single cell moves to the rhythm”

Everyone irrespective of age tap their foot to the music which they enjoy. All our celebrations highlights because of that someone who moves and dances to the songs. Dancing is one of those activities helps us to relax and reflect upon our lives.

Sharon School provisions this joy of dancing with our course in Dance Academy




English is a necessity for communication. This is the reason it is stressed from schooling. The subjects we study are also in English. Apart from the regular academics a need to be efficient in English language is present.

Why English?

  • Self-confidence: The one who are efficient in English have better confidence than the other

  • Communicator: They are fluent in communicating with people across cultures.

  • Thinkers: It is said that who learns language are better thinkers and can be more productive

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